Friday, March 20, 2009

...In Dire Need of Dimensionalist Leaders for National Reformation.

A Dimensionalist leader is one who dives into possibilities in time (temporal intelligence) and changes the current atmosphere before time catches up, so that the fullness of time merely provides a physical evidence of the visualized realities of his futuristic dwelling (Paraphrased from Tudor Bismark). True visionaries live constantly in the future. They often have to be alerted to present realities so that they can ‘descend’ from the heights, and help propel the ‘many’ that are locked in the realities of the present, into the limitless possibilities of the future.

A habitual critic is the anti-thesis of a dimensionalist. The critic has a penchant and skill for pinpointing inadequacies. The critic often relies on unproven ‘facts’ and even when the facts have been substantiated, he blows them out of proportion and beclouds his target with doom. He’s quick to pass judgment, and often delivers his verdict before the defendant is given an opportunity to express his opinion, or stage an appeal.

The critic finds it virtually impossible to see the positives in a sequence of events. He’s quick to pick out and stress the inconsistencies in a system, and uses such as an excuse to discredit a process in its entirety. Critics abound, and are not difficult to find. You come across them every day. They are often self righteous and disillusioned folks who believe their prescription and point of view outlines the right course of action. In essence, the critic finds it a lot easier, to see the evil rather than the good, the risks rather than the opportunities, and a corrupt Nigeria, rather than a nation on the path to greatness. ARE YOU A CRITIC?

The demands of this age impose a condition that states that it is impossible to be effective and to deliver groundbreaking results without learning the rudiments of dimensionalist thinking and living. Many are held bound with the chains of the past. Jerry Savelle says that if your memories are bigger than your dreams, then you are in deep trouble! The average mind always thinks of the present, and focuses on meeting the immediate demands. He consistently fails to recognize that no matter how efficiently he reactively (rather than proactively) solves his problems, he’ll always remain a step behind. It’s about time to break free from the ideology of comfort and the tyranny of custom.

The dimensionalist leader is pre-occupied with what could be, rather than what has been, or what currently is. Dimensionalist leaders go beyond rhetoric and oratory. They understand the “theory of flow” (every single activity, including formal, informal, planned and unplanned; constitutes a part of a coordinated system that can deliver massive results), and discard the concept of ‘discontinuities’. They are not just motivators or charismatic warheads and human engineers. They are what we would accurately label as STRATEGIC AGENTS AND DISCIPLINED EXECUTIONISTS THAT EMPLOY INNOVATIVE AND SYSTEMATIC MODELS FOR NATIONAL REFORMATION. In the word’s of Martin Luther king, They have been to the mountaintop and have seen the promised land. They are transformed non-conformists.

An example of a dimensionalist leader is our very own Fela Durotoye. He "has been to 2025", and has decided to live in the Nigeria that exists in 2025. It’s very different from today’s Nigeria. That’s why an average mind finds it hard to comprehend his message that says that Nigeria would be one of the most desirable nations to live in, in the world by 2025. He’s not bordered by the events and systems that currently prevail. There’s no place for criticisms and expression of doubts. The only thing that’s left to do is to get busy with implementation.

In the WORD, it’s called FAITH. Abraham (Father of FAITH) raised an army of 318 soldiers and defeated 5 kings. Dimensionalist leaders are preoccupied with raising vibrant armies, and building the critical mass of strategic change agents and value enforcers. You see, we don’t need very large numbers. The question is ARE YOU WILLING TO BE A PART OF THAT FEW? Thereafter, he met with Melchizedek, paid tithes to him and received bread (representing the doctrine of the kingdom) and wine (infilling of the Spirit) from Melchizedek. These were the ‘resources’ he needed to overcome the Sodomic systems in place. He received the blessings of elevation, dominion and possession. Kingdom resources are accessed by FAITH. The resources of the LAND OF PROMISE are accessed by FAITH.

For every corrupt world system founded on philosophical thinking and luciferian ideology, there’s a kingdom (apostolic) model and a prophetic process that counters and replaces it. Dimensionalist leaders have the ability to understand mysteries, access hidden architecture and receive revelation knowledge that sets them up for supernatural accomplishments. Corrupt systems were propagated into society by strategic agents. In the same vein, these evil and repressive systems must be replaced by kingdom models and kingdom thinking mechanisms for strategic infiltration into society. However, accessing kingdom keys isn’t achieved on a platter of Gold. It’s done through hard work and travailing. Gone are the days of pontificating, pretensive postulations and traditional ideologies.

The choice is yours. You could choose to be expert at identifying and complaining about the inadequacies of our current system, or you might just decide to become a solution to some of the problems we are currently facing. Money is the reward for solving problems. Those who walk by FAITH have understood that solutions can be ‘downloaded’ from above. There is A realm of problem solving that eclipses natural human reasoning ability. That’s the realm that dimensionalists walk in. They have understanding of the times, know what ought to be done, and get right down to executing it.