Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Disruptive Factor

hello guys! been quite a while and i apologize for not adding content since.

Human minds somewhere, somehow have always found a 'new' method, perharp a new discovery that changes the rules and eventually forces everyone else to change, or lose out, i mean completely!
What i mean is there's always that dispruptive technology that comes along, and redefines the way things are done.
We've had the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution and lately, information technology, but the big question on your lips might be what next?
Well, there are many possibilities and just before i go further, i'd like us to look at how IT has evolved.
We started with vacuum tubes, then mainframes, then the PC came along, then the Internet evolved, and now, with hot spots and fibre backbones, satellite communications and mobile networks, convergence couldn't be less visible. Some people call it the era of social networking but Cisco prefers to use the term "the human network".

IT has now become a 'commodity' and what matters now is not how fast that processor is, what advanced feautures that software has, or how compact that portable device is but how this piece of hardware and software can really meet my needs in a simple and efficient way (that includes saving costs too and ensuring that i'm not exposed to risks of any sort).

i'll talk about the disruptive factor in just a while. (have to attend to something urgent!)