Sunday, December 07, 2014


To mine simply means to dig deep for hidden treasure. The psychology of the miner is very interesting. The miner commits so much energy into digging, even when there’s no physical guarantee of striking it rich.

I recently took a class called “Analytics lab” at MIT. This class was composed of a select group of 40 students (out of more than 400 MBA and graduate students) who were passionate about digging deep into data to unlock hidden patterns and treasures. Since this was an action-learning class, I and my teammate were commissioned to provide free data-mining consulting services to a client based in Boston. After countless hours of mining our client’s data, we made startling discoveries that were capable of doubling their revenue within 2 years and elevating them to the level of big brands such as IBM. This company was so excited, they asked us to join their company.

Now, those treasures had always been locked up in their data, but they never took the time to find them. In order to find treasures, you must disconnect from daily routine, and channel your energy into focused mining and exploration in a specific area. In today’s world of social media, people are being increasingly distracted. They cannot focus on anything. They know a little of everything, but are not experts in any area.

A petroleum engineer will tell you that you have a better chance striking oil if you dig 20,000 feet in just one place, rather than digging 500 feet in 1000 different locations. It’s called putting all your eggs in one basket. When Elisha burned up his Oxen and followed Elijah, he put all his eggs in one basket and mined deep into Elijah. Years later, Elisha received a double portion and had the power to make others wealthy in just one day. Friends, I urge you to mine deep into your area of interest, even if it costs you in the short term.

God bless

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